This is Bullshit…

Every time I hear this quote it makes me cringe a little inside.You may have even heard yourself saying it applies to you.The Guru's love it.The happy-clappy cheerleaders especially.I'm dreading their "Make 2014 your year" bullshit in … [Read more...]

I think I broke Flakebook?!

I think I broke Flakebook....It aint like me to send two mails in one day..but your business..Is SCREWED.See, I re-activated my Flakebook account (hyporctital, I know) and it seems I broke it.For a few hours today, people have been … [Read more...]

“and THAT’S why you should do it”

In the midst of one of SEVERAL really techical hurdles with setting up my podcast...where I felt like giving up and throwing the towel in.I kept quoting myself... to myself.Is that a sign of insanity?I swear my eyes were hearing … [Read more...]

How to convert ‘enquiries’ into cash-o-la…and the 2% miracle

How to convert 'enquiries' into cash-o-la...looking through the survey I sent out for the podcast... (which launches MONDAY by the way) there was a question that was as common as the combination skin-tight leggings and chain smokers in the dole … [Read more...]

Somebody Slap Me (I’ve Been a Hypocrite)

I'm annoyed at myself.I did it again.I promised myself I wouldn't.You're gonna laugh at me for being so stoopid.The other day... I got involved in a 'debate'on Flakebook (I still have one of those 'fan pages)I know.. I'm an idiot … [Read more...]

Bad News (I need your help with this one)

I'm stuck. I'm having a 'block' of some sorts.You know am launching my podcast on Monday reet?Well, yer, I am.Butttt.....You're help is required squire.Although I am incredibly handsome and articulate...I'm unable to read … [Read more...]

“you have to feel sorry for them it’s difficult to watch them go at it so hard”

I was reading a crazy article yesterday (It's in the PS) about these animals that have 14 hour shagging sessions and the males actually end of screwing themselves to death!my favourite quote from it:"you have to feel sorry for them it's … [Read more...]

How to CATAPULT yourself from ‘Fitness Person’ to ‘Guru’…

How to CATAPULT yourself to 'Guru' Status...Lemme close this 'open loop' squire.Had lotsa emails n shizznit back about the 'people complaining about price' emailSo much so that I almost sent this last night...Hence, I had to watch … [Read more...]

When Peeps Complain About Yo’ Prices

When they complain about your prices..had to layeth down the smacketh on a poor guy yesterdayHe bore the brunt of my post vomit tiredness.See, he sent me a message telling me how he's getting sick of people whining about how much he charges … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Locked in a Room with Erotica Writers and Surgeons

Just sitting in Cork aiport watching zombies drink Guinness after a REALLY intense 2 days on a marketing  course.More specifically blud, a 'direct response'  marketing course.Nothing about 'engagement' or any of that  bullshit.See, that's … [Read more...]

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