7 of my Best Nutrition Reads

7 of my Best Nutrition Reads

Hope you’re kicking ass right now with your bootcamp business.

I just made the first part of my move out here to Marbella and I must say it’s pretty hot! Well, hotter than Newcastle was anyway.

Before we crack on with this list, I wanted to let you know about some more good news I got recently from the FITPRO hq in London.

I’ll be presenting  3 lectures at the annual FITPRO Spring Convention at Loughborough university alongside industry bad asses such as Charles Poliquin, Paul Check, Dr John Beradi and of course my long term mentor/friend/crisis manager Jayne Nicholls.

If you haven’t heard of Jayne she’s the brains behind freestyle fitness yoga- which I’ll be adding to our fitness camps in the near future and I strongly suggest you do too- simply ‘beasting’ clients over and over again can’t be good right? Check out Jayne’s site here-  http://www.freestylefitness.com/become-yoga-instructor.php

You can read more about the Spring Convention here too- http://www.fitpro.com/convention12/index.html

So you remember the Webinar I did a few weeks back right?

It was called ‘how to get epic results for you bootcamp members’. In fact you can still catch the replay of it here.http://apps.facebook.com/results_webinar_one/?ref=ts

Well, despite it p*ssing a lot of people off (mainly the ‘random exercise, random order, random time, random equipment, random people, turn up when you wan’ crew) I’ve had A LOT of emails asking which books I’d recommend for anybody looking to improve the results for there members.

Guy surrounded by books, lying on floor reading a book

Now I’ve read over 90 books on nutrition so its been pretty tough whittling these down to just 7 but its been REALLY REFRESHING to speak to bootcamp instructors who are actually interested in becoming better trainers rather than just better businessmen and women so I just cracked on with it.



So here’s the list, its by no means the be all and end all and of course it will depend on how long you’re been a trainer for and what you’ve already studied but here they are anyway… go get ‘em off Amazon or wherever!

Hey, I must also say that NONE of these books are ‘THE bible’ I don’t think that exists. I just read as many as possible, and USE THE BITS I agree with.

1-    How to Eat, Move and Be healthy- Paul Chek

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek

I’m a big believer in the fact that being in great shape is usually just the side effect of having a healthy body, this was probably the first book I read on this subject- around about 8 years ago now!

It was the first book I picked up that really showed me why calorie counting was crazy and that it was about the quality of the food we ingest that made us healthy or not.


Although I must point out that I’m not a fan of metabolic typing as such, the rest of the book is excellent

2-    The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth- Jonny Bowden

The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth by Jonny Bowden

With so many books and courses telling us what we SHOULDN’T eat, this book was a revelation to me. It gave me the BENEFITS of eating certain foods (a bonus when you’re trying to ‘convince’ clients to and Dr Bowden is a GREAT writer who can ‘dumb down’ the most complex of subjects- which for little old me is very important, so go get this and make sure you check out his other books as well as this one. Oh and the pictures are brilliant too!

3-    Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson

Before completing my bio signature course back in 2005 I think it was, this was on the recommended reading list. It basically points out that in today’s lifestyle that exercise and diet it pretty much pointless if we cant manage stress.

4-    The 9 Day Liver Detox – Patrick Holford

9 Day Liver Detox by Patrick Holford

I actually only read this about 18 months ago. This is a book written for the general public so it’s super easy to read- unlike most other nutrition books which make VERY tough reading sometimes. In fact, most of them actually put me to sleep. Someone will probably have a dig at me for saying that but hey ho!

A great read on how the liver works and what can inhibit and improve its function. Love it.


5-    Primal Blueprint- Mark Sisson

Primal Blueprint - Mark Sisson

Another book written for Joe public but I REALLY like the fact that Mr Sisson is in great shape for his age. Despite the fact his own brand of supplements are pushed in the book I thoroughly enjoyed his explanation of living a paleo style diet and lifestyle.


6-    The Elimination Diet- Dax Moy

The Elimination Diet - Dax Moy

This free e-book, I first stumbled across almost 7 years ago! It was my first real foray into ‘detoxing’ and understanding that ‘health’ should form the basis of any fat loss programme.

It also helped my understanding of many foods just aren’t up to scratch when it comes to dropping body fat.

It’s had a couple of makeovers, most recently last year and continues to be the basis of MANY fitpro’s nutrition programs, including the first 14 days of mine for many years

7-    Eat Stop Eat- Brad Pilon

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon

Intermittent fasting is for some reason still a controversial subject in this wonderfully subjective industry of ours.

In fact, for MANY years I just dismissed it.

After all, it goes against everything I learnt on some of the courses I did earlier in my career.

‘Little and often’, ‘Every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolism ticking over’

‘If you don’t eat for longer than 4 hours your body goes into starvation mode’

To each, I can now say ‘horseshit’.

Horse grazing on field - in foreground is manure.

After reading MANY studies, articles and evidence on this I can no say wholeheartedly that controlled intermittent fasting AFTER a cleanse is bad ass.


This is not an article on IM but if you want one- I can sort that too.


Anyway. Despite not agreeing with everything in the book (such as drinking coke zero) Mr Pilon’s book is pretty sweet!

So there you have it.

Again I don’t agree or even follow everything in every book I read.

I very much go by the mantra adopted by Bruce Lee: ‘absorb what is useful, reject what is not and add what is uniquely your own’ and it’s served me pretty well as far as results in my career are concerned.

Bruce Lee

Here’s the formula I like to use- Learn it, read more about it, absorb it if its useful, test it on myself, test it on some guinea pigs, if it works- release it on my paying clients.


That’s about it J

Let me know if there’s any books that you love, or if you’d like my opinion on any.


I LOVE this industry and I especially love LEARNING and GROWING as both a businessman and a ‘results rockstar’


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  1. Matt Eaton says:

    Hi Paul

    Great blog cheers and will get these book in and have a read. Quick question if you get time do you rate the books written by Patrick Holford, I have read a number of them now but get mix feedback from other fitpro’s?

    Cheers mate, hope the move is going well.

    Am coming to the fitpro convention in April


  2. Hey Matt,

    sweeet man. look forward to seeing you there buddy. some of them are okay, some of them the advice is dated BUT it depends on the goal. my goal is fat loss. fat loss through health. so like i say, ‘abosrb what is useful’

    9 day liver detox is excellent, the others would be around a 6-7/10 for me and my goals :_)

  3. Hi Paul

    Nice post, have read all but the 9 day liver detox will have to get it and have a read.

    Here’s 5 I really like (which I am sure you have read), pH Miracle Robert O. Young, Warrior Diet Ori Hofmekler, Metabolic Typing Diet William Wolcott (like you I’m not a huge fan of metabolic typing in it’s traditional sense but still worth a read – as you say or Mr Lee says abosrb the useful), Cortisol Connection Shawn Talbott an my last choice is probably the paleo diet Loren Cordain.

    Thanks for shairing buddy will get the Liver detox : ) hope the move all goes smooth

  4. hHey Nick- i;ve done all of those too!! Ori’s stuff is mint…. and ALL of those are ‘absorb what is usefuls’ too!

    cortisol connection almsot made it but its a TOUGH read that on!

    keep rockin it bro!

  5. Hank Wescom says:

    Liver Detox is an easy-to use, two-part cleansing and detoxification program formulated to simultaneously support, protect, stimulate and assist with the body’s natural detoxification of the liver with natural minerals, vitamins, herbs and amino acids”,`:`

    Warm regards http://www.foodsupplementdigest.com/chromium-polynicotinate/


  1. albergo chieti…

    7 of my best nutrition reads | The Bootcamp King…

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  3. [...] Ps- If you’d like to check out some of my favourite nutrition books I wrote about that a while ago here- http://www.bootcampking.com/2011/10/07/7-of-my-best-nutrition-reads/ [...]

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